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Buy With Confidence makes every effort to protect your personal information, and we’re dedicated to making sure you feel confident enough to order with us. This page contains all the information you need know about how we collect your personal information, how we use it and store it, and details of the recent changes in the law regarding the use of “cookies”.

Our Privacy Policy

We collect certain information about you to help us monitor, review and constantly improve your online experience with us. We’re absolutely committed to protecting the information you share with us, and we use that information only to provide you the services you want. Ordering Online with Classicdisposables. Using your credit or debit card to order online with us is as safe as ordering over the phone – if not safer. Classicdisposables uses a secure server and an industry-leading payment processor to ensure that credit and debit card details are handled safely, and are never stored by the  ’s website.


A “cookie” is a tiny file stored in your web browser that allows us to recognise your computer when you arrive at our site. The use of cookies is very widespread and, like most websites, we use them to improve your browsing experience by, for example, allowing you to quickly fill in your login details without having to re-type all your information each time.

You can disable cookies in your internet browser, but you may encounter technical difficulties with our site if you do so.

We would encourage you to clear your cookies after each visit to saimafashions, particularly if you visited us from a shared or public computer, to prevent the possibility of your details being available to the next person who uses that computer. saimafashions has relationships with carefully selected and monitored suppliers to assist in the delivery of a high-quality website.

Some of these suppliers may also set cookies during your visit in order to meet contractual obligations with saimafashions. The information these cookies collect is anonymous and not personally identifiable. They do not store any personal details relating to you or your credit cards. We also use JavaScript to speed up your online shopping experience. If you disable either cookies or JavaScript, you may encounter difficulty using this site.

Changes in Laws Regarding Cookies

From May 2011, the laws regarding the use of cookies changed to prevent the storing of cookies without the user’s permission. saimafashions fully supports this ruling, and we’re working hard to bring our website in line as soon as possible. For more information about cookies, please visit this independent site. ( saimafashions is not responsible for the content of external sites.)

Unsubscribing & Closing your Account

You can unsubscribe from saimafashions at any time and for any reason. Our emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom and you can unsubscribe by clicking it. To close your account, please visit our Contact Us page and drop us an email. To change any of your registered details click the Log In page and enter your login name and password. Once logged in change any of the details shown and click ‘update my details‘

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